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No images, art, photographs, paintings, graphics, illustrations, video, web content or music created by Bob Orsillo are in public domain.  All are copyright protected by United States and international copyright law.

All artwork, photography, illustrations, graphics, content, video and text on this website are copyright by Bob Orsillo and may not be used in part or in whole for any reason without written consent from Bob Orsillo or an agent acting on his behalf.
For a fee paid directly to Bob Orsillo or one of his agents; permission is granted for limited use as per signed agreement. Once the agreed upon amount is paid in full a digital file of the requested image will be made available for download. 
In addition to payment credit must be given to Bob Orsillo as the copyright holder. Normally it would appear something like this. "Copyright ©Bob Orsillo / - All Rights Reserved" , "Art by Bob Orsillo" , "Photography by Bob Orsillo" or something suited and agreed on that fits in your design. For Television and Feature Films "Special Thanks to Bob Orsillo" is acceptable. 
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